Hi all,

Think I've discovered another issue with the floppy driver.....

Basically, if won't play ball with a 360K 5.25" Matsushita drive (JA-551).

The mobo's BIOS is configured for one drive (A:) - 360K 5.25"

There's no secondary FDCs, and the JA-551 is the only FDD connected.

If I boot FreeDOS (1.0 and an earlier version), it formats, reads, writes a number of disks perfectly

If I then boot Linux (System Rescue CD 1.1.4), I am unable to mount or format any DSDD disk :-(

With System Rescue CD, I have to modrobe the floppy module; and that then gives me a


....with minor number 4; which is correct, as I understand things.

If I then format with :

fdformat /dev/fd0d360

....it fails everytime with FDFMTTRK : Input / Output error

It also fails with :

fdformat /dev/fd0

It's the same story with Slackware 12.1 (booted from CD)

Under FreeDOS, I can simply type :

format b: /u

....and it formats perfectly everytime

incidentally, FreeDOS sees the FDD on b: because FreeDOS itself uses A: (bootable floppy image on the FreeDOS CD)

Earlier in the day, I was formatting 1200Kib disks in a HD 5.25" FDD under System Rescue CD, so the problem is confined to 360K DSDD FDDs :-(

If further info is needed; please don't hesitate to ask

Cheers for now