The AHA-29x0 series of HBAs were PCI, so by their very nature work flawlessly on PCI systems.

I don't have a problem getting the AHA-1542b's FDC to work; just not along side the motherboard's FDC. I can have the AHA-1542b's FDC working, or the motherboard's FDC working; but not both.

All that said; the AHA-1542b's FDC is completely seperate to the SCSI side of things, because the FDC works without having to load the aha1542 kernel module. When I have loaded the aha1542 kernel module, things do go awry - but that might be because I have nothing connected to the SCSI bus.

Whilst it might be handy to have the SCSI side of the AHA-1542b working (for retrieving data from SCSI tape drives, for example); it's not a show stopper. I can live without SCSI capability

I think myself and Alain agree where the issue lies, and he's kindly offered to patch the floppy kernel module, such that you can specify the IRQ and DMA for BOTH FDCs.

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 5:48 PM, Robert Keyes <> wrote:
I am coming in to the middle of this thread, but IRQs and aha-1542b does bring some bad memories back. I remember struggling to get them to work properly back in 1995. The upshot of it all is: 1542b and PCI are not compatible. I believe this was the official word from Adaptec. They then sold us AHA-2940s, which worked flawlessly (the same can't be said for the Seagate ST32550s they were connected to - those drives ran too hot and burned themselves out! ).